Get lung cancer treatment insights from patients like you

Lung cancer patients are anonymously sharing their treatment journeys on Peer Medical.

Join our free platform to learn about their experiences and discover the latest treatment trends.

Get a clearer view of your own treatment

If you choose to add your own medical records to the platform, you’ll find a summary in the dashboard. See your medications, procedures, and diagnosis details, all in one place.

We import your medical records from your hospital, with your permission. Our team follows strict procedures to ensure everything is securely encrypted.

Be confident in your lung cancer treatment plan and prepared to make a change if needed

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Get fresh, data-driven insights on current treatments

Thanks to the patients that anonymously share their data with us, our platform shows you up-to-date statistics on cancer treatments.

Your oncologist should always be your primary source of guidance. But with our knowledge, you can better understand what’s working, what’s normal, and what’s next.

Find patients like you and see their journeys

Get new confidence in your treatments by finding other patients like you. Search by age, biomarker, treatment, or cancer stage to see anonymous profiles of patients who are on a similar journey.  

See what treatments they’ve had so far and ask them about their experiences via anonymous discussions.

Knowledge is power

When you’re dealing with lung cancer, knowledge is power.

“This tool helps me see potential treatment options in case my current drug stops working. This is hope.”
Ivy Elkins
Co-Founder, EGFR Resisters

Connect with the community in a few clicks

You’re not alone in this fight. By joining Peer Medical, you can learn and share with lung cancer patients and their caregivers around the USA.

Create account. Sign PHI authorization.

If you choose to share your medical records, we’ll ask you to sign an online form. We then import the records from your hospital and anonymize them.


“I think it’s very important to put my information out there to share with people who are just starting their journeys.”
Melissa Crouse
Creator, RET Renegades
“Finally, the community can contribute to a robust database of medical records that’s free of charge to everyone who donates their information.”
Dusty Donaldson
Executive Director, LiveLung
Roderick Whitley
Stage IV Lung Cancer Survivors
“Without sharing, we’re not going to learn and we’re not going to educate each and every person who is diagnosed with this terrible disease. ”
Erin Brockovich
Dr. David Jablons, MD
Chief of Thoracic Surgery
Dr. Geoffrey Ginsburg, MD
Professor of Medicine
Brockovich Research
& Consulting

Get personalized insights

All our anonymous patient data is categorized so that it’s easily searchable. We use it to generate statistics showing how your treatment compares to others.

Stay up to date

As new patients join and current user information is updated from the hospital, you can see trends in treatments and find new medication options. Each quarter, your account manager will review any relevant insights with you.

All information is anonymized

HIPAA-compliant processes

data security

Full data

Always free

Answers to common questions

How do you protect my privacy?
We anonymize all patient records automatically, so nobody sees your personal information when comparing treatments. The platform gives profiles a random account number and displays ages in 10-year ranges. It doesn’t show any contact information.

Is my information secure?
Yes. Safeguarding our users' medical information is extremely important and critical in building a product patients can trust. Our platform is hosted on dedicated healthcare servers that also host the CDC, and the Cleveland Clinic.

What’s more, you have the option of removing your data from the platform at any time.

Who sees my data?
Verified users can see your lung cancer treatments to help them understand different options and choices—but your profile is completely anonymous.

Internally, our data-handling protocols mean that even the Peer Medical team cannot see your information. Only our medical secretaries access your medical records to populate your deidentified profile.

How easy is it to delete my account?
Very easy. On your account page, there is a "Delete my account" button. Click that and all your user and medical data will be removed from our servers.

What does it cost?
Peer Medical will always be free for patients and caregivers.

How do you make money?
We aggregate anonymous information and sell it to researchers and other life sciences companies who are developing cures and treatments. The money we make enables our team to maintain and improve our service.

You can choose not to be included in these revenue generating activities and still have full access to the tool. Simply update your data sharing preferences on your account page.


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Most lung cancer patients want to learn more about treatments—but they struggle to find up-to-date, relevant information online. Peer Medical is a free platform that gives you personalized, unbiased insights on the cancer treatments most relevant to you.

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Ed Spiegel
Founder, Caregiver

Choose whether to share your journey too

Upon joining Peer Medical, you’ll have the option of adding your own medical data to the platform. With 234,000 people being diagnosed every year, every contribution helps the community grow smarter, faster.

However, sharing is optional—you can still use the platform without adding your records.

HIPAA-compliant processes

Joining is free. Your data is kept private and there’s no obligation to share medical information.

Join the platform
Join the platform

Joining is free. Your data is kept private and there’s no obligation to share medical information.

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